About Us

SMG Algo is the one stop online shop for financial services and distinctive trading software that has established a standard in both technical and fundamental analysis. For trading in F&O, equity, bank/NIFTY, MCX crude, option call trading, and other commodities, we provide a specialized buy/sell trading system. SMG Algo is an automatic trading algorithm with good accuracy. Paper trading, semi-automated trading, and fully automated trading are our specialties. SMG Algo works on a subscription-based B2B and B2C business model. It specializes in helping investors choose the best-performing and most profitable trading options. Instead of guiding the customers with the technical know-how of trading, the platform helps them determine the fundamental and technical aspects of a stock to decide whether they should invest in it.

What do we do?

At SMG Algo we specialize in assisting investors in selecting the most successful and effective trading alternatives. Our trading programme will assist you in analyzing the fundamental and technical characteristics of a stock to decide whether you should invest in it rather than instructing you on how to trade (which you already know).

Check price movements through a bar chart

Bar charts throughout time show a number of price bars. You may examine the price changes for each bar over the specified time. Each bar typically displays the low, high, open, and close trends.

Check Buy/Sell Signals in the bar chart

View the bar chart's high, low, open, and close prices for each respective time. The bar chart contains a lot of information that investors and traders may use. The price spread between the low and high in lengthy vertical bars was substantial.

Automatic Trading

Leave the buy and sell entry to the AI, and let it handle the best exits at the market's tops and bottoms. With this strategy, you may swiftly conclude the lucrative deal. It can more accurately and deftly evaluate the proper entrances and exits.

Our Vision

Our goal is to increase the simplicity and accessibility of algo trading for Indian traders and investors. The use of algorithms in trading and financial management is both fascinating and challenging. It calls for a unique skill set, including conceiving, developing, and conducting quantitative research. Every retail trader should have access to the capabilities of algorithms and automation to improve the efficiency and profitability of their trading.

Our Mission

To make investors and traders aware of the benefits of smart trading To develop solutions that people want To expand further while providing innovative trading solutions